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Imperiums: Greek Wars is a unique combination of turn-based 4X and historical grand strategy with a mythological twist.

Inspired by our previous award-winning title Aggressors: Ancient Rome, we bring you a fresh look at a Greco-Persian world of schemers, warmongers, and ruthless politicians. This merciless world is enhanced by myths and stories about heroic deeds and hidden treasures as only the Greeks were able to imagine.

Greco-Persian world
The game starts in 359BC when Philip II of Macedon takes the throne. Macedonia at the time is a backwater on the edge of the Hellenic world, but Philip is an ambitious man. He has a dream to become leader of the whole of Greece, a dream he will follow until his death...

Greco-Persian world

Choose one of 30 playable factions ranging from mighty Sparta or Athens, ambitious Macedonia, slowly declining Achaemenid Empire and its power-hungry satrapies, to a number of smaller Greek city-states and groups of semi-nomadic societies living on the outskirts of the Hellenic world. Lead your nation to glory if you can...

Lead, rule and conquer
Your task is to do more than survive. You are divine ruler, supreme military commander and political leader who seeks glory and prosperity for all your subjects. Lead them to magnificent victories, manage the economy on all levels, and provide successful livelihoods as well as stable and just government.

It is not a task for the weak; all problems rest upon your shoulders; every crisis is a test of your political and military prowess. Decisiveness, tactical thinking, political shrewdness, and above all an adventurous spirit is what will cause one person to stand out - to rise as a star shining through the darkness of millennia to come.

Historical immersion
The Greco-Persian world of Imperiums is a faithful representation of historical reality, political relations, animosities and ambitions. Take a unique opportunity to experience on your own shoulders the weight of responsibility as the chosen one. As leader you can follow your own path or take advice and guidance from dozens of nation-specific objectives.

Experience the ancient Greek world in such a detail as never before.

Myths and Legends
Ancient people believed in myth and legend; it was part of their reality. Those adventurous enough can send their generals in the footsteps of ancient heroes to find the Golden Fleece or untie the Gordian Knot. Unveil the truth of some of the stories and myths of the Greek world.

Face the opponents
Your opponents will be unforgiving, but if you want more of human slyness and unexpected turns, join a multiplayer game and challenge other players in a race to victory!

New worlds
The universe of Imperiums offers an endless number of realms. Imagine a world to your liking and let us bring it to you. Whatever your choice, enter with a clear mind and prove that you can not only survive but build an empire worthy of the title.
Take advantage of the imagination of others and explore worlds they created. Go even a step further, let yourself be inspired as creator whose ideas shape others’ worlds.

Learn with ease
It is not shameful to take advice from time to time. You’re not alone in this cruel world; there is always guidance to explain, provide context, and offer recommendations. Let yourself be guided by your intuition and logic, and you will soon become a master.


Buy Now$29.90 USD or more

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Are the NPC sprites and artwork avaialble separately? I want to use something like what you have in this game for a D&D game I am playing. Please let me know, I'm happy to pay for a copy of the game.


Hello Matbrooks84.
I am not entirely sure if I understand what you are asking for. All the illustrations are copyrighted (if that is what you are asking).


I am running a D&D game set in Ancient Greece and I just wanted a large group of Ancient Greek looking NPC's to use. Is there a way to pay for personal use of all the artwork? 

We can hardly prevent you from using the illustrations for personal usage and we can even harder find it somehow out:)

If it is for your home usage, I am sure it is ok:) The assets are part of the game. Thank you for the purchase if you decide to buy it.


But are the assets available to open in a folder separately or are they just in the game?

They are in several folders

Reading Gustav Droysen's epochal Hellenism-trilogy at the moment, this game seems right up my alley. May I ask if there is a DRM-free version available (or if the Steam-version is DRM-free = doesn't need the client after the game is installed)?

By the way: May I ask why you decided to give the game the title "Imperiums"? It's not the correct latin ("Imperia") nor english plural. Is it for recognition value? I don't want to be cocky, just wondering. ;)

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Hello Athanasius, how are you?

The only available way how to install the game is via Steam (due to multiplayer functionality using Steam API). There is no additional DRM protection applied, yet you always need Steam client for running the game - like I said it uses Steam API calls.

Regarding the title name - you are right, plural of Imperium in latin is Imperia. Yet, the title is not in latin, it is fully in English.

Few sources:

We decided for this title for number of reasons and one of them was that the word Imperiums is grammarly correct, yet not used much (and therefore the title will be easy to recognize and google;)

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Ah yes indeed, my fault, sorry! I really wasn't aware that Imperiums is an english plural form (I thought of Empires as the only one). I'm no native speaker though... ;)

I understand, is there  a chance to get your game on another platform DRM-free sooner or later?

Thank you and have a nice weekend! :)

If you are asking whether the game will be available any time soon for other platform than Steam, I have to disappoint you - we want to focus on the game improvements and additional features instead of porting it to another platform(s). 
Have a nice weekend, too!

Ok, no problem, I know that Steam has many advantages for developers. If the game will ever be available on any DRM-free platform (itch, gog or wherever) I'll be sure to pick it up. Thanks again and take care!

Hey, you might like Hegemony Gold: Wars of Ancient Greece. It's available on GOG.

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Thank you for the tip. I already own Hegemony Gold on Humble. ;)

Ah fair enough - it's generally a bit obscure but it's also an excellent game if you like the setting!